This is the question everyone asks...
'Copy' is the words that make you money. 
Web copy communicates your expertise to your audience online, and lets them know you are the authority.
Words are powerful.
Great copy is great power.
The right words will connect you to your audience better that ever before and will win you more clients.
What can good copy do for me?
I write a lot, and I write with many different purposes in mind, depending on what you need.
“Conversion copy”  is what I do most often. These are the words that drive customers to click 'buy now' and 'share.'
Tap into what your clients desire with copy that brings an emotional response; hold command over hearts and higher fees
Why do I need a professional?
You're busy being the boss. 
Copy is too important to be an afterthought. A great copywriter concentrates on thinking like one of your clients
to really see what needs to be sold, and adds polish to make your offering irresistible.
Some say that writing extended copy or lots of little bits can be a mild form of torture. 
I happen to love it. But more than that, a fresh pair of eyes can see the details that you may overlook,
and express new, unique aspects of your business in ways that otherwise may not have been considered,
and encourage the cash.
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