Burjesta Theatre's 10th production was an in-house adaptation of Euripides’s startling play, Medea, from the pen of Burjesta member, Jonathon Bibby. It was one of the largest productions with a cast of sixteen including two child actors and an all-female Greek chorus. As well as performing to the ‘home crowd’ at The Casa, it was performed it in the open air at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church as well as at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre. It was a great success and a wonderful experience to bring classical Greek theatre to over 500 appreciative audience members each performance night.
In my roaming/multi-skilled temp role for the duration the production of Medea, I was responsible for developing and producing SEO content for the weekly blog and newsletters to both cast/crew and the public. I also managed all social media channels, posting relevant content to each channel, liaised with press, wrote and sent press releases and advertisements. My special project was 'The Chorus Diaries'-- blogs by each member of the Greek Chorus published each week for the duration of the production. These are linked below.
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